Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long day on the dairy with cows through the robots for the first time- to eat only

Wow.  A long day at the dairy today.  It made me think about life.  It was a day when we finished a bunch of tasks.  Some days when you look back at the things you accomplished that day there is a lot to see.  Those are great days.  Some other days, I go to the house with the thought that "Goll, did we get much done today, or did we just twiddle our thumbs?"  Some of those days there is still a lot accomplished, but it just may not be as noticeable as days like today. 

I feel like a great way to get on someone's good side is to go the extra mile.  Today I felt like the companies that are helping with the robot installation actually want to see cows milked through them also.  Mike, Robert, & Johnny stayed until about 10:30 p.m. working on trying to solve some issues to get cows to flow through the AMS.  I am impressed with actions such as those.  I think most people are impressed when others go the extra mile to help solve problems. 

I have had some of my uncles come and ask about the project.  I love seeing them impressed & bring back their friends to show them the whole concept of AMS.  I feel like Jan is genuinely happy for the project and really wants it to succeed.  He would be a great tour guide if we decide to have an open house for this project.  That is another thing that really impresses me, when someone shows genuine interest and has genuine desires to see someone else's project succeed. 

I purchased a 300 gallon tank from my Uncle Jan.  It is a cute little tank. We have put it up on legs approximately 30 inches in the air.  It is where the milk is directed while the larger tank is being emptied by the milkman and washed.  Once the bigger tank is cleaned and ready to receive milk again, the milk flows by gravity from the 300 gal tank into the larger tank where it is cooled and stored until the next day when the milk man arrives again.

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