Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First cow in Utah milked with Robotic milker

Holy cow. It was a good day yesterday.  Things ran smoothly.  Robert was able to get the floor readers working great, which had been a big concern for me.  We milked 4 cows yesterday.  Bronco had wanted one of his cows, and his favorite- Aston 502 June- to be the first cow through the robot, but while we were looking for her #1321 sneaked into the stall. So, I prepped the cow & we attached the robot.  It went so smooth, setting expectations up to tomorrow to be all the higher.  She was calm & eating while it milked her, then she left and we brought in another.   The next cow was #695 - she was a different story.  She kicked and nearly broke my wrist.  She was a pain and really didn't settle down until the end of the milking, but I noticed she was back in to eat within the hour.  The third cow we guided to the robot was a cow that had just had a big nice heifer calf yesterday morning.  She was as calm as could be.  The robot attached without issue & milked her out, sprayed the post dip, and she went on her way.  The 4th cow was a big Brown Swiss cross cow #701.  She was also very, very calm.  She produced 20+ lbs of milk and seemed to have a great time eating and being milked. 

All the valves are working to the tanks and the wash is up and working.  Today is going to be a great day.  The weather is the pits.  Rain is expected all day.  I have seen enough rain for the month of May and am ready for it to stop until the corn gets planted. 

Today we have a crew here and shifts set to have the start up go smooth.  I have high expectations & after yesterday I think the expectations for a smooth day are even higher.  Wow.
This is going to be great after it gets up and running.



  1. Sounds so exciting! I actually kinda miss getting up early to milk. Rainy weather does make it suck.

  2. I grew up around Dairymen and Farmers but we were just observers. I love reading your blog...it is giving me an inside view on something that I always watched from the fence. Glad you're seeing success - the new "toys" looks like fun!