Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cows are eating at the robots

Holy cow what a couple long days.
The Tech service people are out helping with the last items on getting the robots ready for use.  Robert feels we are making a boatload of progress.  We are, it's just there appears to be many more boats out there.   It really is more than 2 steps forward one step back.  We make lots of steps forward, sometimes even a leap or two. Then we seem to have a half step back.  We can't seem to get the AMS to work for an extended period of time quite yet.  We either have water lines flipping off, that weren't tight enough, or we have errors on the air compressor and we don't know what caused it.  Overall, it is super to see cows walking through the robots and eating the grain mix.   For the most part the cows are extremely curious and are up next to the entry and exit gates sniffing, licking & waiting to get the grain mix.
We have cows that are calmer than most places I feel.  We get comments on how calm the cows are.  We love our cows to come up to us and lick, sniff & play around with us as we lean on the fences of their pen.
I have been trying today to figure out the chemicals that will be used in the AMS.  There are multiple chemicals and I am trying to understand them all.  I feel finally this evening that I have a good feel for what they are all used for and which ones I will run through the AMS.  I am sure I have driven my chemical supply guy, Curtis, nuts today and yesterday with all the questions.  I will try to explain what all the chemicals are and how they work on the AMS.
There are four main chemical pumps that get mixed with water and run from the central unit to the robot units and clean various parts.
1) There is the green "brush-dis" it is a solution that is used as the predip.  It is sprayed on the roller brushes that moisten, brush, clean, prepare, kill bacteria,  wipe & dry the teats prior to milking.  We are using a hydrogen peroxide based teat dip that has a quick kill time for the bacteria.
2) There is the blue "alkaline" which in essence is the soap.  It will go through the entire system multiple times a day and wash the milking machine, receiving jar & entire milk line.  We are using the product recommended by the robot company.  It is a cleanser that is great with high temperature water.
3) There is the red "acid," it does the same as the alkaline, and we will use the recommended also for use in really high temperature water.
4) There is the yellow "sanitizer,"  this one as had me confused and I may miss speak as I explain this, but I think that finally  I have it understood.
I had been very confused by this as different people answered my questions with terminology that I was not understanding.  As with most big companies the acronyms and terminology of the AMS company is a bit confusing.  I recall when I worked for a large company in the handbook, or new employee guide there was over 7 pages of acronyms, terminology and secret code- not too secret- I just threw that in.
We will use a hydrogen peroxide that does not foam for this.  The hydrogen peroxide is mixed with water. This solution rinses the receiver jar & hoses whenever there is milk separated to be fed to the calves.
5) There is a post dip that is sprayed each teat after milking.  We are using a 1% Iodine solution with roughly 10% emollients, skin conditioners & skin health products.  The iodine will kill all bacteria and germs that want to be on the teat.  The skin conditioning products help the teats not chap, burn, nor be injured from the iodine.
It has been a great day of learning, training cows & watching the cows actually eat at the robot stations.  Cows are healthy, Family is all here tonight and life is dang good.

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