Friday, May 15, 2015

Kids helping get ready for robotic milking

Last night as I laid trying to sleep and again this morning as I fed the cows and the young calves, I thought about the last week of accomplishments.  The events that are most memorable are the ones in which my kids were involved. 

Addie, my third daughter, was out there one night with the construction crew calibrating the milk jars.  Addie is kind of a math wiz.  I claim she gets it from me, but since my wife has a BS degree in Math education, I give her most of the math wiz credit.  That night Addie helped with remembering the amounts in kilograms, filling, dumping, measuring & keeping us entertained.  The one part of that night that her and Brinlee, my second daughter, still laugh about, was when Johnny told them that he knows where they get their good looks from.  They looked like "yea, we've heard people tell my dad that we get them from our mother....".  Johnny said he knows they get them from their dad.  Then he paused a bit as the girls took in the thought of that.  Then Johnny said, "cause your mother still has hers!"  Those two have loved to tell that story to anyone who will listen. 

Brinlee has always been interested in becoming an NCIS special agent or working for the FBI.  As we were out there one early evening training cows to enter the AMS stall, she shocked me by saying that she could be a technician for Lely- the company that we bought our Astronaut 4A robotic milking system from.  She likes being around the cows, but not too close with them, and she thinks an AMS technician would be fun.  I have to admit that I would love her to do that, even more than an NCIS special agent.  I think its cool that my kids would like to be involved in some facet of agriculture.  I think agriculture runs in my blood. 

Bronco is out of school now for the summer.  He is at the age that he loves to ride the four wheelers to get parts, tools, check on things & get treats - crap, we are all at that age our whole lives, arent' we?  Anyway he is looking forward to being at the dairy as we plant corn next week and as we start up the AMS.  He is a great help at anything I am doing and this week has been out early almost every night to feed his calves and then come out to the flat barn so see what he can help me do. 
Life is great, and even better when I have my family around to help in the process of our adventures. 
As a good friend of mine signed his emails for a while, "life is short- work hard, play even harder."
It's going to be a great weekend.

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